Journal of Information Science 32(3)

Journal of Information Science
Vol.32 No.3 (2006.7)

Sample size and informetric model goodness-of-fit outcomes: a search engine log case study
Isola Ajiferuke, Dietmar Wolfram, and Felix Famoye

Document delivery as a source for bibliometric analyses: the case of Subito
Christian Schloegl and Juan Gorraiz

Automated support specification for efficient mining of interesting association rules
Wen-Yang Lin and Ming-Cheng Tseng

Knowledge reuse in action: the case of CALL
Alton Y. K. Chua, Wing Lam, and Shaheen Majid

Towards the faster transformation of XML documents
Dong-Hoon Shin and Kyong-Ho Lee

How influential is Brooks’ Law? A longitudinal citation context analysis of Frederick Brooks’ The Mythical Man-Month
Katherine W. McCain and Laura J. Salvucci