Information Processing & Management 42(6)

Information Processing & Management
Volume 42, Issue 6, Page 1405-1656 (December 2006)

Special Issue on Informetrics
Edited by L. Egghe

Expansion of the field of informetrics: The second special issue
L. Egghe

Measures of international collaboration in scientific literature: Part I
Abraham Bookstein, Henk Moed and Moshe Yitzahki

Measures of international collaboration in scientific literature: Part II
Abraham Bookstein, Henk Moed and Moshe Yitzahki

Systems without low-productive sources
Leo Egghe and Ronald Rousseau

An interpretation of the effort function through the mathematical formalism of Exponential Informetric Process
Thierry Lafouge and Agnieszka Smolczewska

Modeling citation behavior in Management Science journals
John Mingers and Quentin L. Burrell

A distribution of impact factors of journals in the area of software: An empirical study
Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo and I.K. Ravichandra Rao

Automated Web issue analysis: A nurse prescribing case study
Mike Thelwall, Saheeda Thelwall and Ruth Fairclough

Binary Pathfinder: An improvement to the Pathfinder algorithm
Vicente P. Guerrero-Bote, Felipe Zapico-Alonso, Maria Eugenia Espinosa-Calvo, Rocio Gomez Crisostomo and Felix de Moya-Anegon

A comparison of feature selection methods for an evolving RSS feed corpus
Rudy Prabowo and Mike Thelwall

Delineating complex scientific fields by an hybrid lexical-citation method: An application to nanosciences
Michel Zitt and Elise Bassecoulard

Text mining without document context
Eric SanJuan and Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan

An ego-centric citation analysis of the works of Michael O. Rabin based on multiple citation indexes
Judit Bar-Ilan

Journal self-citation study for semiconductor literature: Synchronous and diachronous approach
Ming-yueh Tsay

Towards all-author co-citation analysis
Dangzhi Zhao

Scientific collaboration of new 10 EU countries in the field of social sciences
Irina Marshakova-Shaikevich

Connection and stratification in research collaboration: An analysis of the COLLNET network
Li-chun Yin, Hildrun Kretschmer, Robert A. Hanneman and Ze-yuan Liu

Towards mapping library and information science
Frizo Janssens, Jacqueline Leta, Wolfgang Glanzel and Bart De Moor

A note on growth of superconductivity patents with two new indicators
Subir K. Sen and Hari Prasad Sharma

Gatekeeping in the international journal literature of chemistry
Tibor Braun and Ildiko Diospatonyi