JASIST 56(7)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 56, Number 7 (May 2005)

Relations between the continuous and the discrete Lotka power function
L Egghe

The power of power laws and an interpretation of Lotkaian informetric systems as self-similar fractals
L. Egghe

Making an equality of ISI impact factors for different subject fields
Narongrit Sombatsompop, Teerasak Markpin

Putting it together online: Information need identification for the domain novice user
Charles Cole, John E. Leide, Andrew Large, Jamshid Beheshti, Martin Brooks

The impact of impermanent Web-located citations: A study of 123 scholarly conference publications
Carmine Sellitto

Measuring similarity of concentration between different informetric distributions: Two new approaches
Quentin L. Burrell

A linguistic analysis of question taxonomies
Jeffrey Pomerantz

Effective invariant features for shape-based image retrieval
Shan Li, Moon-Chuen Lee, Donald Adjeroh

Web search strategies and human individual differences: Cognitive and demographic factors, Internet attitudes, and approaches
Nigel Ford, David Miller, Nicola Moss

Web search strategies and human individual differences: A combined analysis
Nigel Ford, David Miller, Nicola Moss

Maintaining knowledge management systems: A strategic imperative
Kevin C. Desouza, Yukika Awazu

Similarity measures, author cocitation analysis, and information theory
Loet Leydesdorff