Information Processing & Management 41(6)

Information Processing & Management
Volume 41, Issue 6, December 2005

Special Issue on Infometrics
Edited by L. Egghe

Expansion of the field of informetrics: Origins and consequences
L. Egghe

Symmetry and other transformation features of Lorenz/Leimkuhler representations of informetric data
Quentin L. Burrell

Continuous, weighted Lorenz theory and applications to the study of fractional relative impact factors
L. Egghe

Conglomerates as a general framework for informetric research
Ronald Rousseau

On the generalized Zipf distribution. Part I
Shi Shan

Production and use of information. Characterization of informetric distributions using effort function and density function: Exponential informetric process
Thierry Lafouge and Camille Prime-Claverie

The effect of use and access on citations
Michael J. Kurtz, Guenther Eichhorn, Alberto Accomazzi, Carolyn Grant, Markus Demleitner, Edwin Henneken and Stephen S. Murray

Challenges of scholarly publications on the Web to the evaluation of science-A comparison of author visibility on the Web and in print journals
Dangzhi Zhao

Toward alternative metrics of journal impact: A comparison of download and citation data
Johan Bollen, Herbert Van de Sompel, Joan A. Smith and Rick Luce

Revisiting ‘obsolescence’ and journal article ‘decay’ through usage data: an analysis of digital journal use by year of publication
David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Tom Dobrowolski, Ian Rowlands, Hamid R. Jamali M. andPanayiota Polydoratou

Co-authorship networks in the digital library research community
Xiaoming Liu, Johan Bollen, Michael L. Nelson and Herbert Van de Sompel

New indicators for gender studies in Web networks
Hildrun Kretschmer and Isidro F. Aguillo

Mathematical models for academic webs: Linear relationship or non-linear power law?
Nigel Payne and Mike Thelwall

Comparing rankings of search results on the Web
Judit Bar-Ilan

Domain analysis and information retrieval through the construction of heliocentric maps based on ISI-JCR category cocitation
Felix de Moya-Anegon, Benjamin Vargas-Quesada, Zaida Chinchilla-Rodriguez, Elena Corera-Alvarez, Victor Herrero-Solana and Francisco J. Munoz-Fernandez

Bibliometric maps of field of science
Irina Marshakova-Shaikevich

Combining full text and bibliometric information in mapping scientific disciplines
Patrick Glenisson, Wolfgang Glanzel, Frizo Janssens and Bart De Moor

An informetric investigation of the relatedness of opportunistic infections to HIV/AIDS
Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha and Dennis N. Ocholla