Information Processing & Management 43(1)

Information Processing & Management
Volume 43, Issue 1, Pages 1-296 (January 2007)

Search history support for finding and using information: User interface design recommendations from a user study
Anita Komlodi, Gary Marchionini and Dagobert Soergel

Eliciting better information need descriptions from users of information search systems
Diane Kelly and Xin Fu

Children’s interaction with cross-cultural and multilingual digital libraries: I. Understanding interface design representations
Dania Bilal and Imad Bachir

Children’s interaction with cross-cultural and multilingual digital libraries. II. Information seeking, success, and affective experience
Dania Bilal and Imad Bachir

Indexing strategies for Swedish full text retrieval under different user scenarios
Per Ahlgren and Jaana Kekalainen

Term disambiguation techniques based on target document collection for cross-language information retrieval: An empirical comparison of performance between techniques
Kazuaki Kishida

Parsimonious translation models for information retrieval
Seung-Hoon Na, In-Su Kang and Jong-Hyeok Lee

Investigating sentence weighting components for automatic summarisation
Shao Fen Liang, Siobhan Devlin and John Tait

Dynamic category profiling for text filtering and classification
Rey-Long Liu

Using query logs to establish vocabularies in distributed information retrieval
Milad Shokouhi, Justin Zobel, Saied Tahaghoghi and Falk Scholer

Identifying and improving retrieval for procedural questions
Vanessa Murdock, Diane Kelly, W. Bruce Croft, Nicholas J. Belkin and Xiaojun Yuan

Performance analysis of distributed information retrieval architectures using an improved network simulation model
Fidel Cacheda, Victor Carneiro, Vassilis Plachouras and Iadh Ounis

A semantic Bayesian network approach to retrieving information with intelligent conversational agents
Kyoung-Min Kim, Jin-Hyuk Hong and Sung-Bae Cho

A compact static double-array keeping character codes
Susumu Yata, Masaki Oono, Kazuhiro Morita, Masao Fuketa, Toru Sumitomo and Jun-ichi Aoe

A citation-based document retrieval system for finding research expertise
Quan Thanh Tho, S.C. Hui and A.C.M. Fong

Existence theorem of the quadruple ( P , R , F , M ): Precision, recall, fallout and miss
L. Egghe

Bibliometric mapping of scientific research on prion diseases, 1973-2002
E. Sanz-Casado, C. Suarez-Balseiro, I. Iribarren-Maestro, M. Ramirez-de Santa Pau and J. de Pedro-Cuesta