Information Processing & Management 41(5)

Information Processing & Management
Volume 41, Issue 5 , September 2005

Binary and graded relevance in IR evaluations-Comparison of the effects
on ranking of IR systems
Jaana Kekalainen

An algorithm to cluster documents based on relevance
Monica Desai and Amanda Spink

Clustered SVD strategies in latent semantic indexing
Jing Gao and Jun Zhang

Document indexing: a concept-based approach to term weight estimation
Bo-Yeong Kang and Sang-Jo Lee

Incorporating context in text analysis by interactive activation with
competition artificial neural networks
Peter Jorgensen

Collaborative Information Retrieval in an information-intensive domain
Preben Hansen and Kalervo Jarvelin

Computing, explaining and visualizing shape similarity in content-based
image retrieval
Ioannis Andreou and Nikitas M. Sgouros

A case study of distributed information retrieval architectures to index
one terabyte of text
Fidel Cacheda, Vassilis Plachouras and Iadh Ounis

Reformulation of queries using similarity thesauri
Angel F. Zazo, Carlos G. Figuerola, Jose L. Alonso Berrocal and Emilio

Word-based text compression using the Burrows-Wheeler transform
Alistair Moffat and R. Yugo Kartono Isal

Measuring search engine bias
Abbe Mowshowitz and Akira Kawaguchi

Techniques for improving web retrieval effectiveness
Eui-Kyu Park, Dong-Yul Ra and Myung-Gil Jang

Using Web structure and summarisation techniques for Web content mining
Chen Lihui and Chue Wai Lian

Application of automatic topic identification on Excite Web search
engine data logs
H. Cenk Ozmutlu and Fatih Cavdur

Multiple sets of features for automatic genre classification of web
Chul Su Lim, Kong Joo Lee and Gil Chang Kim

On organizing and accessing geospatial and georeferenced Web resources
using the G-Portal system
Ee-Peng Lim, Zehua Liu, Ming Yin, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Yin-Leng Theng and
Wee Keong Ng