Information Processing & Management 42(5)

Information Processing & Management
Volume 42, Issue 5, Pages 1137-1404 (September 2006)

Testing the cluster hypothesis in distributed information retrieval
Fabio Crestani and Shengli Wu

Does pseudo-relevance feedback improve distributed information retrieval systems?
Fernando Martínez-Santiago, Miguel A. García-Cumbreras and L. Alfonso Ureña-Lòpez

A scaleable document clustering approach for large document corpora
Niall Rooney, David Patterson, Mykola Galushka and Vladimir Dobrynin

A relevance feedback mechanism for cluster-based retrieval
Niall Rooney, David Patterson, Mykola Galushka and Vladimir Dobrynin

Using searcher simulations to redesign a polyrepresentative implicit feedback interface
Ryen W. White

Relevance feedback and cross-language information retrieval
Viviane Moreira Orengo and Christian Huyck

Relationship between index term specificity and relevance judgment
Giyeong Kim

On document relevance and lexical cohesion between query terms
Olga Vechtomova, Murat Karamuftuoglu and Stephen E. Robertson

Is 1 noun worth 2 adjectives? Measuring relative feature utility
Robert M. Losee

Text retrieval with more realistic concept matching and reinforcement learning
Rohana K. Rajapakse and Michael Denham

Automatic extraction of titles from general documents using machine learning
Yunhua Hu, Hang Li, Yunbo Cao, Li Teng, Dmitriy Meyerzon and Qinghua Zheng

Automatic extraction of bilingual word pairs using inductive chain learning in various languages
Hiroshi Echizen-ya, Kenji Araki and Yoshio Momouchi

In search of query patterns: A case study of a university OPAC
Eng Pwey Lau and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh

A usage study of retrieval modalities for video shot retrieval
Alan F. Smeaton and Paul Browne

The information seeking behaviour of the users of digital scholarly journals
David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Hamid R. Jamali and Anthony Watkinson

Factors affecting assigned information problem ordering during Web search: An exploratory study
Amanda Spink, Minsoo Park and Sherry Koshman

A study of results overlap and uniqueness among major Web search engines
Amanda Spink, Bernard J. Jansen, Chris Blakely and Sherry Koshman