Journal of Information Science 31(6)

Journal of Information Science
Volume 31, No. 6, December 1 2005

Shih-Wei Chou
Knowledge creation: absorptive capacity, organizational mechanisms, and knowledge storage/retrieval capabilities

Nasir Al-Darwish
Formulation and analysis of in-place MSD radix sort algorithms

Sung-Jin Kim
Collaborative interaction behaviors in an information technology problem-solving context: cognitive movements of the helper and the helped

Ding Shi-fei and Shi Zhong-zhi
Studies on incidence pattern recognition based on information entropy

Noriko Hara and Zilia Estrada
Analyzing the mobilization of grassroots activities via the internet: a case study

Michela Montesi and Blanca Gil Urdiciain
Abstracts: problems classified from the user perspective

Andrew Cox
What are communities of practice? A comparative review of four seminal works

Thomas P. Mackey and Jinwon Ho
Implementing a convergent model for information literacy: combining research and web literacy