Journal of Information Science 31(5)

Journal of Information Science
Volume 31, No. 5, October 1 2005

Susan K. Lippert and Paul Michael Swiercz
Human resource information systems (HRIS) and technology trust

Stuart G. M. Bailey and Nadia Caidi
How much is too little? Privacy and smart cards in Hong Kong and Ontario

Gail L. Rein
A reference model for designing effective reputation information systems

Mu-Yen Chen and An-Pin Chen
Integrating option model and knowledge management performance measures: an empirical study

Dongwon Jeong, Peter Hoh In, Fran Jarnjak, Young-Gab Kim, and Doo-Kwon Baik
A message conversion system, XML-based metadata semantics description language and metadata repository

Lejian Liao, Kaiquan Xu, and Stephen Shaoyi Liao
Constructing intelligent and open mobile commerce using a semantic web approach

Joong Hyuk Chang and Won Suk Lee
Efficient mining method for retrieving sequential patterns over online data streams

Carolyn Y. Wei, Mary B. Evans, Matthew Eliot, Jennifer Barrick, Brandon Maust, and Jan H. Spyridakis
Influencing web-browsing behavior with intriguing and informative hyperlink wording