Journal of Information Science 31(3)

Journal of Information Science
Volume 31, No. 3, June 1 2005

Offer Drori and Ehud Tamir
Display of search results in Hebrew: a comparison study between Google and LCC&K interface

I. -Ching Hsu and Shang-Juh Kao
An OWL-based extensible transcoding system for mobile multi-devices

J. R. van der Hoeven, R. J. van Diessen, and K. van der Meer
Development of a Universal Virtual Computer (UVC) for long-term preservation of digital objects

Frank S.C. Tseng and Chia-Wei Chen
Integrating heterogeneous data warehouses using XML technologies

Julia Osca-Lluch and Julia Haba
Dissemination of Spanish social sciences and humanities journals

Susan Xue
Internet policy and diffusion in China, Malaysia and Singapore

James Hartley
Refereeing and the single author