Journal of Documentation 61(2)

Journal of Documentation
Volume 61, Number 2, 2005

Empirical hyperbolic distributions (Bradford-Zipf-Mandelbrot) for bibliometric description and prediction
Robert A Fairthorne

Robert Fairthorne and the empirical power laws
Ronald Rousseau

Comparison and evaluation of the user interfaces of e-journals
Polona Vilar; Maja umer

Fast surfing, broad scanning and deep diving: The influence of personality and study approach on students’ information-seeking behavior
Jannica Heinstrom

Scholarly journal usage: the results of deep log analysis
David Nicholas; Paul Huntington; Anthony Watkinson

Towards a procedure model in terminology management
Stefan Kremer; Lutz M Kolbe; Walter Brenner

Understanding cultures, and IFLA’s Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) core activity
Paul Sturges