Aslib Proceedings 57(1)

Aslib Proceedings: new information perspectives
Volume 57 Number 1 2005

Emerald authorship data, Lotka’s law and research productivity
Ian Rowlands

Case study (part 2): A “fuzzy” approach to multi-channel information optimisation
Andrew Boyd

International presence and impact of the UK biomedical research, 1989-2000
Berenika M Webster

An evaluation of the NHS Direct online health information e-mail enquiry service: Quality of health information on the internet
Ruiha Webster; Peter Williams

Personal home pages as a resource: Evaluating the informational value of the PHP on the web
Shant Narsesian; David Nicholas

Education and training for digital librarians: A Slovenia/UK comparison
David Bawden; Polona Vilar; Vlasta Zabukovec