Update 4(3)

Library Information Update
4(3), March 2005

HE: anger at threat to jobs of subject librarians at University of Wales, Bangor.
Health: London Health Libraries sets out patient strategy.
Public: MLA launches national marketing strategy.
Wi-fi: CILIP conference hears from the trailblazers.
Public: CILIP puts the case at Commons inquiry.
International: US city fights to save whole service.
Workforce: standalone training is not enough, warns Tavistock Institute report on NOF ICT training.
MLA: workforce strategy highlights ‘lack of a learning culture’.
Information sources: Mori finds out who we trust online.
Books: latest Opening the Book promotions deadline.
Statistics: latest figures on lending and spending.
Schools: Ofsted and Audit Commission find funding gaps. Copyright: ‘Free Culture’ movement fights back.
FOI: pharmaceutical sector concerns.
International: Travelling Librarian Award 2005.
CILIP Council: spending, corporate plan, website and more.

Kent moves on from inspection: giving the public what it wants, by Cath Anley.
Peer review: learning from critical friends:
how underperforming authorities are getting a helping hand, by Sarah Wilkie.
Is there a future for music services? Anon.
Building for the future: Ian Snowley on managing a major refurbishment at the Royal Society of Medicine.
Access denied: catalogue accessibility for VIPs: Richard Palfery.
Foundation degrees: FE and HE working together: Jessica Warner.
Recovering from disaster: the loss of Edinburgh’s AI Library: Richard Battersby.
Librarians’ Lives: unearthing librarians from the new
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, with Liz Chapman.