Update 4(4)

Library Information Update
4(4), April 2005

Public: Commons Committee report targets DCMS.
Books: struggling bookshops and publishers take flak.
Advocacy: first ‘library impact measures’ ready to roll. Update: readership survey – win a PDA.
Public: Laser Foundation conference looks at libraries in 2015.
Schools: Chief Inspector’s fears over reading for pleasure.
Academic: CILIP offers help in Bangor crisis.
Adult basic skills: new research.
Camden staff conference: ‘Would it matter if we didn’t exist,’ asks BL’s Lynne Brindley of the profession.
Reader development: free online training available.
Open access: Southampton meeting drives agenda forward.
Buildings: showcase library opens in Brighton.
Union catalogues: serials catalogue launched.
Buildings: CILIP launches library design database. international: Tsunami fund set up.
Leadership: CDG tackles the issues.
Politicised but not political: an interview with Debby Shorley, CILIP’s new President.

The Dunhuang Library Cave and the Silk Road treasures: Susan Whitfield on managing a digitisation project across continents.
Developing your special collection: K. Sambrooke.
Creating online resources for the vulnerable: Peter Williams and David Nicholas look at two charity websites. Self-issue: not a quick win: Catherine Snelling.
Promoting lifelong reading: Ofsted emerges as an advocate for school libraries, says Phil Jarrett.
Collection descriptions: state of play: Anne Chapman on databases using a consistent metadata schema.
Leadership: investing in staff: Debby Raven.
Information products: making knowledge visible: Elizabeth Orna.
Genealogy: an information need we can’t meet? Jon Webster.