Library+Information Update 4(7/8)

Library+Information Update
Vol.4 (7/8), July/August 2005

From academic librarians to strategy consultants: Elspeth Hyams talks to Gary Horrocks at King’s College.
Summer reading: CILIP Councillors recommend favourites.
What’s happening to print? Nigel Lees asks whether it’s safe to dispose of print journals.
Child-librarians of Sri Lanka: Lionel R. Amarakoon.
Are your staff behind you? J. Hicks and R. Kirby.
All change at Defra: Kevin Jackson reports.
Public libraries: the big marketing push: Sue Meeson reports on this summer’s marketing campaign for PLs.
The greening of Haringey: Diana Edmonds.
Loyalty cards: tap into your pupils’ competitiveness: Sam Emmott.
Applied Information Research: helping students learn how to learn: Susie Andretta.
Aberystwyth: 40 years of LIS education: L. Tedd.