Aslib Proceedings 57(2)

Aslib Proceedings: new information perspectives
Volume 57 Number 2 2005

Special Issue: Information and e-learning
Guest Editor(s) Peter Williams and Susannah Quinsee

E-learning: what the literature tells us about distance education: An overview
Pete Williams; David Nicholas; Barrie Gunter

Information and communication technology (ICT) education in The City School, Pakistan: A success story in the large-scale introduction of the UK National Curriculum’s ICT component in Pakistan

Tackling student referencing errors through an online tutorial
Margaret Kendall

How to manage the big bang: evolution or revolution in the introduction of an MLE?
Susannah Quinsee; Neal Sumner

Information management and e-learning: Some perspectives
John Akeroyd

The use of the internet in higher education: Academics’ experiences of using ICTs for teaching and learning
Rebecca Eynon

From prescribed reading to the excitement or the burden of choice: Information literacy: foundation of e-learning
Susie Andretta