Journal of Documentation 61(3)

Journal of Documentation
Volume 61, Number 3, 2005

The Joint Committee on Books for Devastated Libraries
Dorothy J Comins

The post-war problems of continental libraries
Maria Danilewicz

The library rehabilitation programme of the American Library Association
Harry Miller Lydenberg

A state secret – dissertations in the German Democratic Republic
Lothar Mertens

Libraries in continental Europe: the 40s and the 90s
Marianna Tax Choldin

“Conversational” information systems: Extending educational informatics support for the web-based learner
Nigel Ford

Journal interaction: A bibliometric analysis of economics journals
Tove Faber Frandsen

A new history of ASLIB, 1924-1950
Dave Muddiman

The public library as a meeting-place in a multicultural and digital context: The necessity of low-intensive meeting-places
Ragnar Audunson