Journal of Documentation 62(1)

Journal of Documentation
Volume 62 Issue 1 2006

Structure and function in retrieval languages
B.C. Vickery

Structure and function in retrieval
Alan Gilchrist

Journal citation identity and journal citation image: a portrait of the Journal of Documentation
Ellen Nebelong-Bonnevie, Tove Faber Frandsen

Diffusion factors
Tove Faber Frandsen, Ronald Rousseau, Ian Rowlands
Keywords: Generation and dissemination of information, Publications, Serials

The information environment of women in Nigeria’s public service
Iyabo Mabawonku

Associating social constructionism and extended cognition in information studies
George Adam Holland

Knowledge management issues in knowledge-intensive SMEs
Miguel Baptista Nunes, Fenio Annansingh, Barry Eaglestone, Richard Wakefield

Incorporating a virtual union catalogue into the wider information environment through the application of middleware: Interoperability issues in cross-database access
Shirley Cousins, Ashley Sanders