JASIST 57(5)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 57, Issue 5, Pages 587-726 (March 2006)

Applying incremental tree induction to retrieval from manuals and medical texts
Kieran J. White, Richard F. E. Sutcliffe

Can scientific journals be classified in terms of aggregated journal-journal citation relations using the Journal Citation Reports?
Loet Leydesdorff

Cross-Evaluation: A new model for information system evaluation
Ying Sun, Paul B. Kantor

Special Topic Section on Multilingual Information Systems

Introduction to the special topic section on multilingual information systems
Christopher C. Yang, Wai Lam

Conceptual analysis of parallel corpus collected from the Web
Kar Wing Li, Christopher C. Yang

Translating-transliterating named entities for multilingual information access
Hsin-Hsi Chen, Wen-Cheng Lin, Changhua Yang, Wei-Hao Lin

Exploiting the Web as the multilingual corpus for unknown query translation
Jenq-Haur Wang, Jei-Wen Teng, Wen-Hsiang Lu, Lee-Feng Chien

Multilingual Web retrieval: An experiment in English-Chinese business intelligence
Jialun Qin, Yilu Zhou, Michael Chau, Hsinchun Chen

The impact analysis of language differences on an automatic multilingual text summarization system
Fu Lee Wang, Christopher C. Yang

User experiments with the Eurovision cross-language image retrieval system
Paul Clough, Mark Sanderson

Which user interaction for cross-language information retrieval? Design issues and reflections
Daniela Petrelli, Stephen Levin, Micheline Beaulieu, Mark Sanderson