JASIST 57(3)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 57, Issue 3, Pages 297-445 (1 February 2006)

Interaction in distance-learning courses
Dan Bouhnik, Tali Marcus

A decision theoretic approach to combining information filters: An analytical and empirical evaluation
Yuval Elovici, Bracha Shapira, Paul B. Kantor

The effect of source nature and status on the subjective value of information
Daphne R. Raban, Sheizaf Rafaeli

The diffusion of theories: A functional approach
Betsy Van der Veer Martens, Abby A. Goodrum

Reflections on the age distribution of Japanese scientists
Akihiro Asonuma, Yong Fang, Ronald Rousseau

The FedLemur project: Federated search in the real world
Thi Truong Avrahami, Lawrence Yau, Luo Si, Jamie Callan

CiteSpace II: Detecting and visualizing emerging trends and transient patterns in scientific literature
Chaomei Chen

A framework for authorship identification of online messages: Writing-style features and classification techniques
Rong Zheng, Jiexun Li, Hsinchun Chen, Zan Huang

Web unit-based mining of homepage relationships
Aixin Sun, Ee-Peng Lim

Statistical properties of bibliometric indicators: Research group indicator distributions and correlations
Anthony F.J. van Raan

An effective procedure for constructing a hierarchical text classification system
Yongwook Yoon, Changki Lee, Gary Geunbae Lee