JASIST 57(4)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 57, Issue 4, Pages 447-586 (15 February 2006)

How much of it is real? Analysis of paid placement in Web search engine results
Scott Nicholson, Tito Sierra, U. Yeliz Eseryel, Ji-Hong Park, Philip Barkow, Erika J. Pozo, Jane Ward

Query expansion behavior within a thesaurus-enhanced search environment: A user-centered evaluation
Ali Shiri, Crawford Revie

Understanding consumer trust in Internet shopping: A multidisciplinary approach
Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee

Evaluating China’s university library Web sites using correspondence analysis
Xiangxing Shen, Dongmin Li, Chong Shen

Categorization-driven cross-language retrieval of medical information
Hermes R. Freitas-Junior, Berthier Ribeiro-Neto, Rodrigo F. Vale, Alberto H. F. Laender, Luciano R. S. Lima

Special Topic Section on Soft Approaches to Information Retrieval and Information Access on the Web

Soft approaches to information retrieval and information access on the Web: An introduction to the special topic section
Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Gabriella Pasi

Web navigation support by means of proximity-driven assistant agents
Vincenzo Loia, Witold Pedrycz, Sabrina Senatore, Maria I. Sessa

Fuzzy techniques for trust and reputation management in anonymous peer-to-peer systems
Roberto Aringhieri, Ernesto Damiani, Sabine De Capitani Di Vimercati, Stefano Paraboschi, Pierangelo Samarati

Evaluating the information quality of Web sites: A methodology based on fuzzy computing with words
Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Gabriella Pasi, Antonio G. Lopez-Herrera, Carlos Porcel

Knowledge trees and protoforms in question-answering systems
Ronald R. Yager

Concept-matching IR systems versus word-matching information retrieval systems: Considering fuzzy interrelations for indexing Web pages
Pablo J. Garcés, José A. Olivas, Francisco P. Romero

Image clustering for the exploration of video sequences
Vicenç Torra, Sergi Lanau, Sadaaki Miyamoto