Lirary & Information Science Research 27(3)

Lirary & Information Science Research
Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 277-420 (Summer 2005)

Instructional practices in Canadian public libraries
Heidi Julien and Reegan D. Breu

Social inclusion of newcomers to Canada: An information problem?
Nadia Caidi and Danielle Allard

Integration of information professionals in the newsroom: Two
organizational models for research services
Deborah Barreau

Imposing structures: Narrative analysis and the design of information
Rich Gazan

Preference for electronic format of scientific journals- A case study of
the Science Library users at the Hebrew University
Judit Bar-Ilan and Noa Fink

E-service quality in libraries: Exploring its features and dimensions
Peter Hernon and Philip Calvert