International Journal of Information Management 26(4)

International Journal of Information Management
Vol.26, Issue 4, Pages 261-354 (August 2006)


A study of issues relating to information management across engineering SMEs
Forest Woody Horton, Jr.

A strategic case for e-adoption in healthcare supply chains
B.J. Hicks, S.J. Culley and C.A. McMahon

Innovation and knowledge creation: How are these concepts related?
Jurong Zheng, Elmer Bakker, Louise Knight, Heather Gilhespy, Christine Harland and Helen Walker

The evolution of corporate web presence: A longitudinal study of large American companies
Silvio Popadiuk and Chun Wei Choo

Enhancing employee tendencies to share knowledge?Case studies of nine companies in Taiwan
Nathan Heinze and Qing Hu

・Case Study

Organisational change through management development: A case study of GW Power Utilities
I-Chieh Hsu