International J. of Information Management 25(6)

International Journal of Information Management
Volume 25, Issue 6, Pages 483-568 (December 2005)

Analyzing inter-organizational systems from a power and interest perspective
Albert Boonstra and Jan de Vries

Gaining benefits from IS/IT implementation: Interpretations from case studies
Gurpreet Dhillon

The assessment of usability of electronic shopping: A heuristic evaluation
Sherry Y. Chen and Robert D. Macredie

Implementing impact evaluation in professional practice: A study of support needs within the museum, archive and library sector
Dorothy A. Williams, Caroline Wavell, Graeme Baxter, Alan MacLennan and Debbie Jobson

Vox populi: Civility in the blogosphere
Blaise Cronin

Collaborative working in a large pharmaceutical company: Developing better practices through a structurational schema
James Evans and Laurence Brooks