International Information & Library Review 37(4)

The International Information & Library Review
Volume 37, Issue 4, Pages 273-394 (December 2005)

Multilingual information retrieval on the Internet: A case study of Turkish users
Selenay Aytac

Information production, transfer, and delivery: Mass information work and television Journalists’ dilemma in Nigeria
Lukman Ibraheem Diso

Information technology policy formulation in Nigeria: Answers without questions
Lukman Ibraheem Diso

The role of ICT in information seeking and use amongst research officers in research institutes in Nigeria: The nigerian institute for oceanography & marine research institute experience
Josephine Obioha

Insights into the diffusion of HIV/AIDS information in higher education institutions in South Africa
Luyanda Dube

Evaluating a monolingual multinational digital library by using usability: An exploratory approach from a developing country
Alvaro Quijano-Solis and Raul Novelo-Pena

XML markup and information retrieval in magazine articles: Exploratory results and implementation issues
Alma Beatriz Rivera-Aguilera

ICT and rural societies: Opportunities for growth
Akshay Mathur and Dhirubhai Ambani

Harnessing the online resources: A case study of ScienceDirect in India
Satish S. Munnolli

Design and development of Library and Information Science Gateway: An Indian initiative
M. Masoom Raza and Monawwer Eqbal

Indigenous knowledge for development: Bringing research and practice together
Bharati Sen

Seamless aggregation and integration of diverse datastreams: Essential strategies for building practical digital libraries and electronic information systems
M.G. Sreekumar and T. Sunitha