International Information & Library Review 37(2)

The International Information & Library Review
Volume 37, Issue 2, (July 2005)

Knowledge production from an African perspective: International information flows and intellectual property
Peter Johan Lor and Johannes Britz

Freedom of information legislation, state compliance and the discourse of knowledge: The South African experience
Colin Darch and Peter G. Underwood

The Internet and democratic local governance: The context of Britain
Rabia Karakaya Polat

Evaluating the credibility of scholarly information on the web: A cross cultural study
Ziming Liu and Xiaobin Huang

Retrieval issues for Chinese-language library resources: A North-American perspective
Clement Arsenault

Fundraising in Pakistani libraries: Perceptions of library leaders
Khalid Mahmood, Abdul Hameed and Syed Jalaluddin Haider

Research procedures used by Master of Information Studies students at the University of Natal in the period 1982-2002 with special reference to their sampling techniques and survey response rates: A methodological discourse
Patrick Ngulube