International J of Information Management 25(3)

International Journal of Information Management
Volume 25, Issue 3, June 2005

Drivers of knowledge management in the corporate environment
M. du Plessis

Usage and effectiveness of online marketing tools among Business-to-Consumer (B2C) firms in Singapore
Thompson S.H. Teo

Communication skills importance and proficiency: perception differences between IS staff and IS users
Henry H.G. Chen, Ruth Miller, James J. Jiang and Gary Klein

Teleworking in the information sector in Spain
Juan Carlos Roca Pulido and Francisco Jose Martinez Lopez

The roles of enterprise systems in e-initiative implementation: A case study of PowerCo
Shan L. Pan and Chee Wee Tan

Environmental assessment in strategic information systems planning
Lei Chi, Kiku G. Jones, Albert L. Lederer, Pengtao Li, Henry E. Newkirk and Vijay Sethi

Unbundling Business Information Management Research: the experiences of the Division of Business Information Management at Glasgow Caledonian University
David Edgar