Information Technology and Libraries 23(4)

Information Technology and Libraries
Volume 23 Number 4,Dec 2004

The Impact of Information Technology on Library Anxiety: The Role of Computer Attitudes
Qun G Jiao, Anthony J Onwuegbuzie.

Beyond Information Architecture: A Systems Integration Approach to Web-site Design
Krisellen Maloney, Paul J Bracke.

Policies Governing Use of Computing Technology in Academic Libraries
Jason Vaughan.

The Impact of Web Search Engines on Subject Searching in OPAC
Holly Yu, Margo Young.

Using a Native XML Database for Encoded Archival Description Search and Retrieval
Alan Cornish.

Using GIS to Measure In-Library Book-Use Behavior
Jingfeng Xia.

Using Server-Side Include Commands for Subject Web-Page Management: An Alternative to Database-Driven Technologies for the Smaller Academic Library
Lori Northrup, Ed Cherry, Della Darby.