Information Technology and Libraries 24(3)

Information Technology and Libraries
Vol.24, Iss.3, Sep 2005

Crosswalking EAD: Collaboration in Archival Description
Amy McCrory, Beth M Russell.

Design Considerations for Multilingual Web Sites
Joan Starr.

Document-Management Technology and Acquisitions Workflow: A Case Study
in Invoice Processing
Katharine Treptow Farrell, Janet E Lute.

I, Librarian
Hilda Kruger.

Building Digital Heritage with Teamwork Empowerment
Jyi-Shane Liu, Mu-Hsi Tseng, Tze-Kai Huang.

To the Benefit of Both: Academic Librarians Connect with Middle School
Teachers through a Digitized History Resources Workshop
Nancy P Shires.

Project-Management Tools for Libraries: A Planning and Implementation
Model Using Microsoft Project 2000
Ying Zhang, Corinne Bishop.