Information Technology and Libraries 25(3)

Information Technology and Libraries
Vol.25 Issue 3 (2006.9)

Charles W Bailey Jr
Strong Copyright + DRM + Weak Net Neutrality = Digital Dystopia?

Kristin Antelman, Emily Lynema, Andrew K Pace
Toward a Twenty-First Century Library Catalog

Jody Condit Fagan
Usability Testing of a Large, Multidisciplinary Library Database
: Basic Search and Visual Search

Ralph LeVan
OpenSearch and SRU: A Continuum of Searching

Joan M Cherry, Paul Muter, Steve J Szigeti
Bibliographic Displays in Web Catalogs: Does Conformity to Design
Guidelines Correlate with User Performance?

Laura Manzari, Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen
User-Centered Design of a Web Site for Library and Information Science
Students: Heuristic Evaluation and Usability Testing

Ed Salazar
Content Management for the Virtual Library