The Electronic Library 23(2)

The Electronic Library
Vol. 23, No. 2, 2005

The role of the library in a wired society – compete or withdraw: a business perspective
著者: Sommers, Patrick C

Annotated webliography of webliographies: a proposal
著者: Alimohammadi, Dariush

The Spectator Project: the eighteenth century mind in the twenty-first century machine
著者: Hancock, Brian

Electronic publications for Chinese public libraries: challenges and opportunities
著者: Bin, Feng, その他.

Setting up an electronic library: the case of TERI
著者: Deb, Subrata, その他.

Digital library services at the Indian Statistical Institute
著者: Krishnamurthy, M

Multipurpose community telecenters for rural development in Pakistan
著者: Mahmood, Khalid

Development of a medical digital library managing multiple collections
著者: Nikolaidou, Mara, その他.

Fast forward to the future: e-enabling in Leeds libraries
著者: Sharp, Sandra

Temple of the computer
著者: Falk, Howard