The Electronic Library 23(1)

The Electronic Library
Vol. 23, No. 1, 2005

Using e-books for knowledge management
著者: Barker, Philip

E-books in academic libraries
著者: Bennett, Linda, その他.

An overview of electronic books: a bibliography
著者: Ramaiah, Chennupati K

The e-book industry today: a bumpy road becomes an evolutionary path to market maturity
著者: Herther, Nancy K

Using electronic textbooks: promoting, placing and embedding
著者: Appleton, Leo

Desirable search features of web-based scholarly e-book systems
著者: Su, Shiao-Feng

Electronic textbooks that transform how textbooks are used
著者: McFall, Ryan

Implications for electronic publishing in libraries and information centres in Africa
著者: Igun, Stella E

E-books in an academic library: implementation at the ETH Library, Zurich
著者: McLuckie, Ann

Can electronic textbooks help children to learn?
著者: Maynard, Sally, その他.

Electronic books: their integration into library and information centers
著者: Rao, Siriginidi Subba