The Electronic Library 23(3)

The Electronic Library
Vol. 23, No. 3, 2005

Prospects of GSM technology for academic library services
著者: Fatoki, Olayinka Catherine

Evaluation of automated services in Nigerian universities
著者: Sani, Abdulraheem, その他.

Information technology applications to cataloguing in Nigerian university libraries
著者: Oduwole, A.A.

The use of information technology (IT) by electronic media workers in Delta State, Nigeria
著者: Adomi, Esharenana E, その他.

Internet use in a Nigerian suburban setting
著者: Akporido, Caroline E

Strengthening information provision in Nigerian university libraries through information communication technologies
著者: Okiy, R.B.

Enhancing women’s productivity in the library and information sector in Nigeria
著者: Iwe, Josephine I

Web sources, resources and strategies for legal research
著者: Omekwu, Charles Obiora

Management of records in Nigerian universities: Problems and prospects
著者: Iwhiwhu, Enemute Basil

Enhancing provision of scientific and technical information in Nigerian libraries
著者: Emojorho, Daniel