The Electronic Library 23(6)

The Electronic Library
Vol. 23, No. 6, 2005

Meta-tags: still a matter of opinion
著者: Alimohammadi, Dariush

An integrated high availability computing platform
著者: Han, Yan

Innovation in practice: redeveloping the Australian national bibliographic service
著者: Missingham, Roxanne, その他.

End-user requesting trail-blazing, Kiwi style
著者: Reid, David, その他.

Ethical dilemmas in libraries: an international perspective
著者: Miltenoff, Plamen, その他.

Challenges and issues in terminology mapping: a digital library perspective
著者: McCulloch, Emma, その他.

The role of technology in the emergence of the information society in India
著者: Prabha Singh, Shashi

The use of electronic resources at IIT Delhi Library: a study of search behaviours
著者: Ali, Naushad

Adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) in academic libraries: A strategy for library networking in Nigeria
著者: E. Ani, Okon, その他.