Reference Services Review 33(4)

Reference Services Review
Vol. 33, No. 4, 2005

Evaluate that information
著者: F. Rockman, Ilene

Who says we’re not busy? Library web page usage as a measure of public service activity
著者: M. Welch, Jeanie

Google ScholarO and libraries: point/counterpoint
著者: Kesselman, Martin, その他.

A longitudinal study of the development and evaluation of an information literacy test
著者: Ondrusek, Anita, その他.

Library instruction for high-risk freshmen: Evaluating an enrichment program
著者: McDermott, Dona

Moving beyond collections: Academic library outreach to multicultural student centers
著者: Walter, Scott

National History Day: an opportunity for K-16 collaboration
著者: Manuel, Kate

Library instruction and information literacy 2004
著者: Marie Johnson, Anna, その他.