D-Lib Magazine 12(3)

D-Lib Magazine
Vol. 12 No. 3, March 2006

What Do You Do with a Million Books?
by Gregory Crane, Tufts University

Early Modern Culture in a Comprehensive Digital Library
by Wolfgang Schibel, University of Mannheim, and Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox,
University of Missouri-Kansas City

From Babel to Knowledge: Data Mining Large Digital Collections
by Daniel J. Cohen, George Mason University

Document Recognition for a Million Books
by G. Sayeed Choudhury, Tim DiLauro, Robert Ferguson, Johns Hopkins
University; Michael Droettboom, Hillcrest Labs; and Ichiro Fujinaga,
McGill University

Debabelizing Libraries: Machine Translation by and for Digital Collections
by David A. Smith, Johns Hopkins University

Text, Information, Knowledge and the Evolving Record of Humanity
by Gregory Crane and Alison Jones, Tufts University

WebWise 2006 Inspiring Discovery – Unlocking Collections: Conference Report
by Stuart L. Weibel, OCLC Research