The Electronic Library. 24(3)

The Electronic Library
Vol. 24, No. 3

・Towards the digital library in Africa
 Rosenberg, Diana

・Effectively incorporating instructional media into web-based information literacy
 Zhang, Li

・Using data mining technology to solve classification problems: A case study of campus digital library
 Chang, Chan-Chine, その他.

・E-journals in Korea: the electronic site licence initiative
 Chae, Kyun-Shik, その他.

・Information needs and use in the construction materials sector in Kuwait
 Anwar, Mumtaz A., その他.

・Potential roles for performance support tools within library systems
 Schaik, Paul van, その他.

・TERI Integrated Digital Library Initiative
 Deb, Subrata

・Telecommuting: alternative strategies for the Jamaican libraries
 Carr, Mardene Rosalee

・How digital libraries can support e-learning
 Sharifabadi, Saeed Rezaei

・E-readiness of SMEs in the ICT sector in Botswana with respect to information access
 Mutula, Stephen M., その他.