Library Trends 55(1)

Library Trends
Vol.55 No.1 2006 Summer

Research Methods

Using a Multiple-Case Studies Design to Investigate the Information-Seeking Behavior of Arts Administrators
Lisl Zach.

Content Analysis: A Flexible Methodology
Marilyn Domas White, Emily E Marsh.

The Critical Incident Technique and the Qualitative Evaluation of the Connecting Libraries and Schools Project
Marie L Radford.

Discourse Analysis and the Study of Communication in LIS
John M Budd.

Research in Constructivist Frameworks Using Ethnographic Techniques
Kirsty Williamson.

Evaluation Research: An Overview
Ronald R Powell.

Encounters with the Library: Understanding Experience Using the Life History Method
Robert V Labaree.

Identifying Opinion Leaders and Elites: A Longitudinal Design
Susan E Davis.

Meta-Analysis in Library and Information Science: Method, History, and Recommendations for Reporting Research
Matthew L Saxton.

Observation: A Complex Research Method
Lynda M Baker.

Observations of Babies and Toddlers in Library Settings
Lynne (E F) McKechnie.

Systematic Reviews and Librarians
K Ann McKibbon