Library Trends 54(4)

Library Trends
Vol.54 No.4 2006 Spring

Dual-Use Libraries

Dual Use Libraries: Guidelines for Success
Ken Haycock.

Libraries Like No Others: Evaluating the Performance and Progress of Joint Use Libraries
Alan Bundy, Larry Amey.

What Makes a Joint Use Library a Community Library?
Sarah McNicol.

Joint Use Libraries as Successful Strategic Alliances
Pete Dalton, Judith Elkin, Anne Hannaford.

Just Collaboration or Really Something Else? On Joint Use Libraries and Normative Institutional Change with Two Examples from Sweden
Joacim Hansson.

Building the Beginnings of a Beautiful Partnership
Kathy Sullivan, Warren Taylor, Mary Grace Barrick, Roger Stelk.

Changing Places: Personnel Issues of a Joint Use Library in Transition
Patricia T Bauer.

Health Libraries as Joint Use Libraries: Serving Medical Practitioners and Students
Linda Dorrington.

Organizing Electronic Information to Serve the Needs of Health Practitioners and Consumers
Eve-Marie Lacroix, Joyce E B Backus.

Joint Use Libraries: Implementing a Pilot Community/School Library Project in a Remote Rural Area in South Africa
Sophia le Roux, Francois Hendrikz