Library Trends 54(3)

Library Trends
Vol. 54 Issue 3 Winter 2006

Library Resource Sharing Networks

EDEN: A Web-Based Model for Electronic Document Exchange.
Durno, John.

Consortia in Europe: Describing the Various Solutions through Four Country Examples.
Hormia-Poutanen, Kristiina; Xenidou-Dervou, Claudine; Kupryte, Rima; Stange, Kari; Kuznetsov, Alexander; Woodward, Hazel.

Interconnected and Innovative Libraries: Factors Tying Libraries More Closely Together.
Webster, Peter.

More Bang for the Buck: Increasing the Effectiveness of Library Expenditures Through Cooperation.
Kohl, David F.; Sanville, Tom.

Closing the 95 Percent Gap: Library Resource Sharing for People with Print Disabilities.
Epp, Mary Anne.

The Online Computer Library Center’s Open WorldCat Program.
Nilges, Chip.

Perspectives on Building Consortia Between Libraries and Other Agencies.
Borek, Dian; Bell, Brian; Richardson, Gail; Lewis, Walter.

Knowledge-Sharing Activities in India.
Rao, N. Laxman.