IFLA Journal 32(3)

IFLA Journal
Volume 32, No. 3 (Oct.2006)


Paul Sturges
Limits to Freedom of Expression? considerations arising from the Danish cartoons affair

Barbara A. Butler, Janet Webster, Steven G. Watkins, James W. Markham
Resource Sharing within an International Library Network: using technology and professional cooperation to bridge the waters

Lynn Copeland
There Be Dragons… Learning Management and Library Systems in Canada

Cynthia Houston
Building Capacity for Global Education in a School Library Media Education Program through International Exchange

Beth Hovius
Public Library Partnerships which Add Value to the Community: the Hamilton Public Library experience

Christie M. Koontz, Dinesh K. Gupta, and Sheila Webber
Key Publications in Library Marketing: a review

Jon Birger Ostby
Cross-Sectorial Challenges for Archives, Libraries and Museums

Kari Stange
Caught between Print and Electronic

Fay Durrant
The World Wide Web Enhancing E-government in the Caribbean: an assessment of government portals or gateway websites