IFLA Journal 32(4)

IFLA Journal
Vol.32 No.4 (2006.12)


Dae-Jung Kim
Libraries: prime movers for the age of knowledge and information

Daniel G. Dorner and G. E. Gorman
Information Literacy Education in Asian Developing Countries: cultural factors affecting curriculum development and programme delivery

Leslie Murtha, Eileen Stec, and Marilyn Wilt
Using Assessment as a Tool to Improve Learning: an IFLA Workshop

Denise Rosemary Nicholson
Intellectual Property: benefit or burden for Africa?

Bukky O. Omotayo
Women and Conflict in the New Information Age

Warwick Cathro
The Role of a National Library in Supporting Research Information Infrastructure
Maria Elena Dorta-Duque
Governmental Libraries Development: an experience of strategic collaboration in the field of social sciences

Emma Voskanyan
Government Information and Centers of Business and Legal Information in Russia

Wu Shushi
Cooperation on Local History and the Concept of Network Building between Libraries, Museums and Archives in China

Jong-Ae Kim
Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management

Wolfgang Ratzek
Libraries on the Agenda! The President-Elect’s Planning Session in Seoul