IFLA Journal 31(1)

IFLA Journal
Volume 31 (2005) No. 1

ICT Skills for Information Professionals in Developing Countries: perspectives from a study of the electronic information environment in Nigeria
Linda Ashcroft and Chris Watts

The British Library and E-Learning
Lynne Brindley

Democracy Building Activities in the Swedish Riksdag; the role of a parliamentary library Margareta Brundin

Unreliable Research: are librarians liable?
Ann Curry

Librarians and Basic Education Teachers in the Context of ‘Digital Literacy’
Emilia Ferreiro

NGOs, ICTs and Information Dissemination in Asia and Oceania
Elizabeth Reade-Fong and Gary E. Gorman

Copyright Protection as Access Barrier for People who Read Differently: the case for an international approach
J.W. Roos

European Emigration Records, 1820-1925
George R. Ryskamp

Citations and Links as a Measure of Effectiveness of Online LIS Journals
Alastair G. Smith

The Manuscript Collections of Europe: a mirror of migration, separation and reunification as seen in the Alexander von Humboldt Collection in Berlin
Jutta Weber

The Herzogin Anna Amalia Library after the Fire
Michael Knoche