IFLA Journal. 32(1)

IFLA Journal.
Vol.32, No.1

Bibliographic Control in the Nordic Countries.
Unni Knutsen

Towards an Accessible Academic Library: using the IFLA Checklist.
Margaret E.S. Forrest

Delivering Sizzling Services and Solid Support with Open Source Software.
Roger Evans

Successful Web Survey Methodologies for Measuring the Impact of Networked Electronic Services (MINES for Libraries).
Brinley Franklin and Terry Plum

From Bibliographer to Curator: archival strategies for capturing web publications.
GladysAnn Wells and Richard Pearce-Moses

Norwegian Policy for Empowering School Libraries.
Elisabeth Tallaksen Rafste, Tove Pemmer Saetre and Ellen Sundt

Access to Electronic Healthcare Information Resources in Developing Countries: experiences from the Medical Library, college of Medicine, University of Nigeria.
Chris Watts and Ijeoma Ibegbulam