Journal of Information Science. 32(2)

Journal of Information Science.
Vol. 32, No. 2

Teaching knowledge organization: educator, employer and professional association perspectives
Morgan, John, その他.

Data representation factors and dimensions from the quality function deployment (QFD) perspective
Pinto, Maria

The freshness of web search engine databases
Lewandowski, Dirk, その他.

The convergence of digital libraries and the peer-review process
Rodriguez, Marko, その他.

Review Article: Reviewing the impact of virtual teams in the information age
Gillam, Catherine, その他.

An efficient DNA sequence searching method using position specific weighting scheme
Kim, Woo-Cheol, その他.

Science communication and information dissemination: the role of the information professional in the ‘Perception and Awareness of Science’ project
Libutti, Luciana, その他.

Usage patterns of collaborative tagging systems
Golder, Scott, その他.