IFLA Journal 33(1)

IFLA Journal 33(1)が刊行されました。今号には、デジタル環境・財政難といった環境に置かれている専門図書館およびその専門職について論じた中央大学・山崎久道教授の論考(英文)が掲載されています。

IFLA Journal
Vol.33 No.1 (2007.3)


Stephen Parker
Editorial: Libraries around the World

Al kagan
Letters to the Editor: Freedom of the Press, Social Responsibility and the Danish Cartoons

Eric Weber
Improving the Integration of Public Reading in Cultural Policies of Francophone Developing Countries

Martyn Wade
New Customers through New Partnerships – experience in Scotland and elsewhere

Zsolt Silberer and David Bass
Battle for eBook Mindshare: it’s all about the rights

Cyril Oberlander
Transforming the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Engine

Lesley S. J. Farmer
What Is the Question?

Hisamichi Yamazaki
Changing Society, Role of Information Professionals and Strategy for Libraries