Library Hi Tech 23(2)

Library Hi Tech
Vol. 23, No. 2, 2005

Collaborative digitization programs: a multifaceted approach to sustainability
著者: Middleton, Ken

Development of a portal to Texas history
著者: Hartman, Cathy Nelson, その他.

Meeting metadata challenges in the consortial environment: Metadata coordination for North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online
著者: Wisser, Katherine

Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook: creating a statewide digital library
著者: Gemmill, Laurie, その他.

Educating future digitizers: The Illinois Digitization Institute’s Basics and Beyond digitization training program
著者: Maroso, Amy Lynn

Empowerment for digitization: lessons learned from The Making of Modern Michigan
著者: Jones, Ruth Ann

Aggregating distributed digital collections in the Mountain West Digital Library with the CONTENTdmTM multi-site server
著者: Arlitsch, Kenning, その他.

AlabamaMosaic: sharing Alabama history online
著者: Downer, Sherida, その他.

The Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive: A tri-state online history database and learning center
著者: Wykoff, Leslie, その他.

Accessibility and usability of online library databases
著者: Stewart, Ron, その他.

The evolution of electronic reference sources
著者: Van Epps, Amy S