Library Trends 54(2)

Library Trends
Vol.54, Iss.2, Fall 2005

Children’s Access and Use of Digital Resources

Allison Druin.

The Information-Seeking Behavior of Youth in the Digital Environment
Eliza T Dresang.

Children’s Information Seeking and the Design of Digital Interfaces in the Affective Paradigm
Dania Bilal.

Teens Are from Neptune, Librarians Are from Pluto: An Analysis of Online Reference Transactions
Virginia A Walter, Cindy Mediavilla.

Just Curious: Children’s Use of Digital Reference for Unimposed Queries and Its Importance in Informal Education
Joanne Silverstein.

Initial Findings from a Three-Year International Case Study Exploring Children’s Responses to Literature in a Digital Library
Sheri Massey, Ann Carlson Weeks, Allison Druin.

Educational Inquiry and Creativity: Developing Digital Resources in Ireland’s Information Age Town
Claire R McInerney.

Developmentally Appropriate Digital Environments for Young Children
Linda Z Cooper.

Creating Metadata for Children’s Resources: Issues, Research, and Current Developments
June Abbas.

Interface Design, Web Portals, and Children
Andrew Large, Jamshid Beheshti.