Government Information Quarterly. 22(4)

Government Information Quarterly. 22(4), 2006.


Introduction to the special issue: National security policies and implications for information flow
Nadia Caidi

The information gulag: Rethinking openness in times of national danger
Lee S. Strickland

Will the Academy survive 9/11? Scholarship, security, and United States Government policy
Shelly Warwick

Transforming travel and border controls: Checkpoints in the Open Society
Ian Hosein

Balancing the protection of civil liberties during wartime: How the Israeli Supreme Court shaped Palestinian freedom of expression during the Second Intifada
Yuval Karniel

The nature of geospatial information and security
James Boxall

Information rights and national security
Nadia Caidi and Anthony Ross

Distribution channel management in e-government: Addressing federal information policy issues
Kristin N. Frey and Stephen H. Holden

Deliberative democracy and the conceptual foundations of electronic government
Paul T. Jaeger

Building Citizen Trust Through E-government
Michael Parent, Christine A. Vandebeek and Andrew C. Gemino