Serials Review. 22(1)

Serials Review. 22(1), 2006.

The Serials Information Chain
Connie Foster


A Systematic Approach for Evaluating and Upgrading Academic Science Journal Collections
Randall K. Ward, John O. Christensen and Elizabeth Spackman

Some Thoughts on the Meaning of Open Access for University Library Technical Services
Amy E.C. Koehler

Effecting Change in Periodicals Service: Management Models and a Process
Joycelyn White

Repurchasing Journals Lost in a Major Disaster: Library and Vendor Perspectives
Patricia Smith, Beth Oehlerts, Glenn Jaeger and Sandy Belskis

Serials―The Constant Midlife Crisis
Kay G. Johnson

What Is ONIX for Serials? What Potential Does It Have for the Serials Workflow?
Linda Miller, Katharina Klemperer and Les Hawkins